We use our 6 step cleaning method that we developed ourselves. we do this because we want to get your carpets as clean as possible not as quick as possible. The old school way.

1. Move as much small furniture as possible. so we can clean as much as we can.

2. Vacuum thoroughly with a Dyson animal vacuum to get up as much dry dirt as we can.

3. Apply the best citrus based cleanser available @ 230 degrees.

4. Scrub the soap in thoroughly.

5. Allow to soak for 5 to 10 minutes

6. Steam clean with a rinse to neutralize & remove  the soaps and remove all the dirt. Overlapping the strokes and going slower

     gives the best results.  NOTE: If we didn't have one of the best machines out there with a great suction pressure to take it out to the truck then all we would be doing is mixing up the dirt and the soap and leaving it in the carpet.

Your carpet is now amazingly clean. but its unprotected against the daily dirt & spills. We suggest scotch guarding to prevent stains from forming and keeps the carpet from wearing out. It will last longer and stay cleaner. This is an extra charge.


We also love a challenge:

The dirtier the better!!!

When we clean white or very lite colored or oh my god dirty carpets we have a secret weapon!!!


Ours is rated at 35% where under your sink is only 3%. No it doesn't bleach. It separates the dirt from the carpet for easy extraction. It cleans brightens & sanitizes. It's amazing. We add it to our cleanser for great results.

We also use it when we clean upholstory too. This is an extra charge.

NOTE: Thru experience we know when we will have to use more cleansers, scrub it, or steam it, more than once and we will do whatever it takes to get the best results.

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