Type your paragraph  CLEAN TILE & GROUT

1.we remove all furniture from the room that can be moved.

2. sweep the tile floor.

3. We apply a non alkaline cleanser or a ph acid based cleanser to the floor.

4. we scrub all the grout with a grout cleaning broom.

5. allow time to soak in.

6. Steam clean the tile &grout with the rotovac 360. the water temperature is between 200-230 degrees. it spins a 5" brush, has

     3 steam heads & 3 vacuum ports.

7. towell dry tile.

8. Apply grout sealer if requeted.

The Rotovax 360 is what we use to clean tile (picture on right). Notice it has a brush on the bottom. All other company's cleaners don't. Theirs just spins & vacuums.

Like we have said earlier and will say again: Not all cleaners use the same equipment, cleansers, or cleaning methods. The amount of effort is different too. We believe we are there to see how good we can clean not how fast we can try to do it. No such thing as good enough. We're old school!!

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